koch & graphes architecture agency

The koch & graphes SARL agency was created in 2007 by Mr Fabien KOCH who works since 1987 as a self-employed architect.

  • Located in Bischheim, in the north area of Strasbourg (France), the KOCH & GRAPHES architecture agency spreads for the most part on a national scale. Actually, it has extended its activity related to ERPs (Establishment Receiving Public) to customers developing their business on international scale and wanting to grow it in France.
  • We speak German and Italian fluently and have knowledge of English, so we can provide support to our customers, whether it is for their search of commercial locations, or for the realization and delivery of new commercial brands.
  • In our view, the base on which an architect’s work rests is listening to customers and advising them. From choosing the program adapted to the plot, to the advices concerning technics - which includes the French regulations -, going through some financial advices and the choice of the executing firms, in order to have an optimal price/quality ratio. The goal is for us to supply the supervision of an efficient organization and controlled deadlines on the worksites.

For more information feel free to contact us, we will be pleased to help you.